Revolving Loan Program

Mark Griffin
Chief Operating Officer

Accessing affordable capital for rural providers


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The SC Office of Rural Health’s Revolving Loan Program is designed to assist rural health care facilities and providers in accessing affordable capital to meet their financial needs. With a little over $3 million dollars, SC Office of Rural Health has successfully leveraged over $130 million dollars in coordination with local lenders since 1997. By bringing together a variety of funding sources, SCORH has been able to lower interest rates and increase terms for rural healthcare providers, and has saved or created over 828 jobs in rural South Carolina.


Need for Affordable Capital


Securing necessary capital to expand and maintain services continues to be a constant struggle for healthcare professionals in rural and underserved areas. Providers contend with the need to upgrade equipment, purchase and implement Electronic Health Records, as well as renovate aging rural health care facilities. The needed financial resources is often less readily available to rural health care providers compared to their urban counterparts. Most rural physicians do not have the expertise or the time to evaluate the various capital vehicles to determine which is best for their needs. These needs can vary widely depending on the type of provider and nature of the project to be undertaken.


Revolving Loan Services


The purpose of the Revolving Loan Program is to sustain and increase access to quality healthcare in South Carolina’s rural and underserved areas. Loans are used by SC’s Rural Health Clinics, Federally Qualified Health Centers, private medical and dental practices, and rural hospitals, for renovation, new construction, purchasing major medical equipment, debt restructuring, establishing lines of credit, and electronic health records.

Below is a list of current services provided at no cost:


  •  Site visits to determine the need and to gather the necessary information to develop a loan package.
  •  Underwrites request to determine the appropriate lender (US Department of Agriculture, Small Business Administration, Commercial Bank, etc.)
  •  Delivers completed loan package to appropriate lender for processing.
  •  Assists lender during the underwriting process to provide additional information or answer any questions.
  •  Provides seed capital to support the loan request if necessary.