Preferred Partners

The South Carolina Office of Rural Health has created exclusive partnerships with select vendors. The vendors below offer discounted rates to specified rural healthcare entities including Critical Access Hospitals, Rural Health Clinics, rural physician practices and rural hospitals. They are committed to providing timely and quality services to the rural constituency.



The mission of Azalea Health is to improve patient care by providing the highest level of innovative technologies, solutions, and services to the healthcare community. They provide cloud-based healthcare management and medical billing solution connecting the clinical and financial sides of a practice and integrate easily with existing systems. Their EHR is Meaningful Use certified and their billing service, Azalea RCM, boasts a 98% accuracy rate, reducing the amount of denied claims and protecting the fiscal health of your practice. Azalea products have the flexibility to accommodate multiple specialties of any size practice, from a single physician to entire hospital system. Azalea provides pre-certification services, support and implementation services, and billing services to its clients throughout the southeast.


First Choice Cooperative (FCC) is a member-owned group purchasing organization providing a process in which all healthcare providers can reduce costs across the continuum of care. FCC seeks to reduce supply costs, while maintaining the highest level of quality for its providers. Any healthcare practice is able to join the Cooperative. The Cooperative has regular meetings where each member has the opportunity to identify products and services for which they can seek a proposal. The Cooperative votes on which vendor will provide their products and services at a discounted rate.

HSA is a practice management consulting firm promoting access to care with clients across the United States. HSA began in the 1980s specifically for the purpose of promoting access to health care through delivering consulting services to communities, hospitals, and practices in rural and underserved communities. Their firm consists of professionals who have over forty years of individual experience in direct care delivery and management for rural practices. They work closely with the National Association of Rural Health Clinics (NARHC), Rural Assistance Center (RAC), and various State Offices of Rural Health in order to stay up to date on all changes and regulations. Some of their consulting services include cost reporting, human resources management, rural health clinic certification, medical billing services, and financial management.

Southern Hospitalists is located just north of Atlanta, GA and has been in the consulting business since 2006. They are committed to providing the highest level of personal attention and clear communication to their clients and patients. Hospitalists can make substantial improvement for patients by increasing physician availability, coordinating care for patients with multiple health issues, managing inpatient and outpatient resources for the best outcomes, and Continuing Medical Education focused on inpatient services.

Unique Solutions Associates (USA), Inc. is a creative platform that enables key decision makers in healthcare and other industries to connect with USA’s panel of SolutionsProviders, or consultants. USA provides a number of healthcare-specific solutions to practices that help them achieve amazing results. Some of their services include medical supply cost reduction, telecommunications, LED lighting, and patient communication and bill consolidation.

ZirMed provides cloud-based financial and clinical performance management solutions including claims and AR management, charge integrity, patient access and engagement, population risk management, and cost utilization. ZirMed offers a full range of solutions for every kind of healthcare organization including large hospitals and health systems, practice-level healthcare and medical services such as home health providers.