Digital Economy Ecosystem (DEE)

A pilot project by the SC Office of Rural Health and SC Rural Innovation Network, with funding from the US Department of Agriculture.


What is a Digital Economy Ecosystem?

A Digital Economy Ecosystem brings together technical education, job training, leadership development and community planning to develop quality digital jobs, local entrepreneurship, and remote work opportunities to rural communities. The SC Office of Rural Health secured US Department of Agriculture funding for DEE projects in 3 communities – Barwell and Williamburg counties, which are in their second year of the project, and Orangeburg, which launched in 2021.


Current DEE Counties:

  • Barnwell County
  • Orangeburg County
  • Williamsburg County

Step 1- Community leadership training in broadband technology and its applications, provided by the SC Office of Regulatory Staff’s Broadband Office.

Step 2- Rural communities will develop a rural innovation roadmap for a digital economy, facilitated by SCRIN.

Step 3- Communities launch their plans for a sustainable Digital Economy Ecosystem in which digital literacy increases, entrepreneurs are empowered and the local economy is revitalized.



Program contact

Paola Gutiérrez joined the South Carolina Office of Rural Health in 2018 as the lead strategist for the Rural Health Action Plan (RHAP). Contact Paola