Rural Outcomes

Nearly 1.4 million South Carolina residents call a rural community their home. Rural Outcomes celebrates the unique character of rural communities and fosters cross-sector collaborations to meet their needs.


The Rural Outcomes meeting is a weekly convening of 65 individuals from 43 organizations to discuss shared challenges and collaborate on strategies to better serve our rural communities. In addition to general strategy sessions, the group has focused some of the meetings on the specific topics of transportation and housing. 


The work being done by Rural Outcomes adheres to these key principles: 

  • Our work celebrates and seeks to replicate successful endeavors in rural communities in South Carolina and across the nation 
  • Our work eliminates redundancies and breaks down silos between sectors 
  • Our work supports and celebrates innovative, cross-sector ideas 
  • Our work seeks to coordinate existing federal, state and philanthropic assets 

Program contact

Paola Gutiérrez joined the South Carolina Office of Rural Health in 2018 and is currently the director of external engagement.

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