Digital Equity Collaborative (DEC)


The Digital Equity Collaborative is multisector group representing urban, rural, local, and statewide partners who have an interest in ensuring equitable broadband access across South Carolina.  Through conversation and collaborations that grew out of the Rural Outcomes meetings, several projects have arisen with the goal of maximizing broadband connectivity and digital literacy for all communities in South Carolina. 


  • Palmetto Care Connections, Rural LISC and the SC Office on Aging connected to provide tablets, internet service and digital literacy training to seniors in an effort to create social connections and increase the use of telehealth services  
  • Through the Digital Equity Collaborative, the Williamsburg County DEE liaison connected the Town of Lane’s mayor with Palmetto Care Connections to discuss development of a telehealth hub in Lane.   
  • Newberry artists and economic developers have connected to work together to boost the economy through the arts. Community leader and artist Robert Matheson created an NFT Museum as new way for artists to create, promote, and sell their work.   
  • In 2022, the group plans to develop the state’s first Community Broadband Strategy Plan 



Program contact

Paola Gutiérrez joined the South Carolina Office of Rural Health in 2018 as the lead strategist for the Rural Health Action Plan (RHAP). Contact Paola