Our Office

The South Carolina Office of Rural Health (SCORH), a 501(c)3 non-profit statewide organization, is dedicated Improving the health status of rural and underserved people through advocacy, education, and assistance to providers, communities, and policymakers. Since 1991, SCORH has worked with local, statewide and national partners to leverage opportunities for improving rural quality of life. As the only federally-designated statewide organization solely focused on the health needs of rural communities, SCORH strives to connect available assets with community need.

With 27% of the state’s population living in rural communities, improving quality healthcare and positive health outcomes is paramount. Through a family of programs and resources, SCORH offers training, education and technical assistance to rural providers, advocates and communities. Encouraging rural-friendly policy, robust asset allocation and pro-rural messaging are cornerstones of SCORH’s work.

The South Carolina Office of Rural Health’s Staff and Board are committed to closing the gap in health status and life expectancy between rural and urban communities. Through strong collaboration with state and national partners, and most importantly, rural communities themselves, we aim to do just that!