Healthy People Healthy Carolinas

Research shows that 2 out of 3 people in South Carolina are an unhealthy weight (South Carolina Obesity Action Plan, 2014-2019).

Rates of diabetes, heart disease and unhealthy weights are high throughout the Carolinas – and in many communities, those rates are higher than national averages. Seeing the need to address these concerns more directly, The Duke Endowment launched its Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas Initiative in 2015 to help communities in North Carolina and South Carolina address chronic health issues such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas recognizes that where we work or go to school, how we spend our free time – even our ability to access fresh food and exercise in a safe environment – all contribute to our health and well-being. To improve health within a community, we have to expand how we think about what affects it locally. We need to address health improvement on the ground, at a very local level. In South Carolina, The Duke Endowment partnered with members of the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina, including SCORH, to do just that through this initiative.

Services provided:
Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas is designed to support community coalitions in their effort to improve population health through the Collective Impact model and to enhance community capacity to implement evidence-based interventions (EBIs). Performance metrics will be monitored throughout to help the coalitions improve and learn.

SCORH provides technical assistance to help these community coalitions build capacity, improve EBI implementation, apply continuous quality improvement practices, plan for sustainability, and translate data into communication messages that catalyze action.

In May 2017 funding was approved to expand Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas to five regions in South Carolina. The coalitions selected by The Duke Endowment are intentionally diverse and unique. We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with the South Carolina Participating Sites in this important work:

  • Fairfield Community Coordinating Council, Winnsboro
  • LiveWell Greenville, Greenville
  • LiveWell Kershaw, Camden
  • Northeastern Rural Health Network, Cheraw
  • Tri-County Health Network, Orangeburg

Program Contact

Darlene Lynch