We are growing partnerships to ensure that all South Carolina residents get the care they need, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay.


For uninsured and underinsured patients, it takes a team approach to ensure they can access the healthcare services they need. The South Carolina Office of Rural Health facilitates the development of networks of hospitals, free clinics, certified Rural Health Clinics, Community Health Centers, physicians, medication providers, behavioral health providers, local health departments, and social service providers. Together, these networks can leverage their resources and align their services to deliver the right type of care at the right time to as many patients as possible.

SCORH’s network development efforts include support of South Carolina’s five Rural Health Networks – Coastal Plains, Lakelands, Northeastern, Tri-County, and Upper Midlands. SCORH also works alongside the South Carolina Hospital Association to support the AccessHealthSC and Healthy Outcomes Plan networks. These networks are making strides to improve health outcomes and reduce system costs through better coordinated care for uninsured, chronically ill patients.

Did you know?

In South Carolina, 15% of residents do not have any health insurance. And for those who do, the cost of co-payments and high deductibles are often barriers that prevent patients from getting the care they need.

Services Provided

We encourage rural communities and their health and human service organizations to collaborate on systems of care that enable optimal access to healthcare services. Our team is here to assist with the following:

  • Program planning and development
  • Sustainability planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Network Director staff development
  • Board of Directors education and support
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Revenue generation and grant development
  • South Carolina Healthcare Marketplace information and resources
  • Patient navigation technical expertise
  • Connection to statewide and local resources


Andrea Gibson joined the South Carolina Office of Rural Health in 2018 as a program manager for clinical services and initiatives. In her current role as program manager for the Community Health Transformation team, she now provides technical assistance and support to AccessHealth networks across the state to provide quality care for uninsured and under-insured patients in South Carolina.

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