As of September 30th 2017, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) requires any practice wanting Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition to submit using the 2017 Standards and Guidelines. With the new guidelines came a new format and while most of the actual requirements have remained the same (with the exception of a few additions) the layout is different. NCQA has also changed the way practices submit their application and documentation. What was once the Online Application and the ISS Survey Tool, both have been replaced with QPASS. This tool will provide a one stop shop that includes the application and where practices will demonstrate evidence for their PCMH Recognition among many other resources. This overview will provide a quick synopsis of the changes made by NCQA.


PCMH 2017 Overview


2017 Structure

Standards Format

Concepts = Standards

Competencies = Elements

Criteria = Factors

Changes to Points

 40 Core Criteria (All 40 ARE REQUIRED)



New process

QPASS – Replaced both the online application and ISS survey tool.

QPASS Features:

  • Complete Application
  • Enroll in PCMH Program
  • Make Payment
  • Upload documentation
  • Virtual Check-ins
  • Educational Videos
  • Ask Questions


Obtaining and Sustaining Recognition:

New Practices: Commit, Transform, Succeed…….

Practices will then submit any documentation required and schedule their 3 check-ins. Check-ins are virtual reviews with the Evaluator and are designed to help relieve the burden of submitting paper documentation.


Accelerated Renewal – This is only for practices who were recognized under 2011 and 2014 Levels 1 or 2. This track is to help those practices fast track towards being recognized under the new 2017 requirements.


Annual Reporting – Practices who were recognized as a 2014 Level 3 can jump straight into annual reporting. Once any new practices are recognized they will also have to report annually. Practices will have to report on specific quality measures yearly in order to sustain recognition.


Additional Resources:

Tools for Transformation


 2017 PCMH Standards and Guidelines in NCQA Store

Prevalidation: Vendor Contact List