Three times in May and June, staff members from the SC Office of Rural Health (SCORH) picked up N-95 and disposable masks from BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and delivered them to the 33 Rural Health Clinics across the state.

In all, the SCORH staff was able to put approximately 25,000 masks into the hands of our front-line healthcare workers in rural communities.

“We are grateful to BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina for quickly responding when a PPE shortage developed during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Shannon Chambers, director of provider solutions for SCORH. “And we appreciate that they made sure that the needs in our rural communities didn’t go unnoticed. It took the burden off our Rural Health Clinics, who fill the gaps in healthcare for communities that don’t have a nearby hospital.”

The deployment of PPE to medical providers across the state was a collaborative model called Action PPE South Carolina, which is now being replicated in other states. Click here to see it in action.